Used Sales

Because Main Light routinely purchases, and then rents, high quality equipment from industry-leading manufacturers, and those products are well-maintained over the span of their rental service, our used equipment is highly sought after. As a responsive dry hire rental operation, Main Light operates an aggressive turnover program for its rental fleet offering an opportunity to end-users to realize significant savings on the purchase of high-quality, cutting-edge used technology. Confident in the meticulous maintenance and quality control testing prior to the sale of our used equipment, Main Light offers ALL of our used equipment with a 60-day depot warranty. Main Light’s used gear customers know that our quality equipment is an exceptional value, which is why it is always in high demand.

SolaFrame 750

30 day depot warranty

AX1 Pixeltube Kits

Sold in groups of 8 per case w/ 30 day depot warranty

ACL 360 bar

Sold in groups of 4 per case w/ 30 day depot warranty

sharpy Wash 330

30 day depot warranty

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