CITC DF-50 Profusion Haze Machine

  • Rental Rates

  • 1 Week $94.00
  • 2 Weeks $181.00
  • 4 Weeks $319.00
  • The Profusion machine uses compressed air and an advance filtration system to emit an even, long-lasting, odorless haze. A cycle-timer, fan, and good ventilation are suggested to prevent residue if use is continuous.

    Universal DMX Relay, wireless remote control, black or silver road cases.

    A 20 point check, which includes a cleaning is also offered on older machines.

    Operating Instructions

    Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 14" (31cm x 20cm x 36cm)
    Weight: 35 lbs. (16kg)
    Voltage: 120vac 5a, 60hz or 230vac, 7a
    Wait time: instant haze build-up time 20 min.
    Volume: one speed, on
    Switch: on/off illuminated
    Fluid capacity: 1-1/2 quarts (1.4 liters)
    Duration: 32 hrs. on one full tank
    Fluid: odorless High Performance fluid oil (prev. Diffusion Fluid)