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    The new M-7 RGBA is the updated version of the original M-7 LED fog machine. Amber LEDs have been added up to M-7 RGBA which allows its color mixing even more attractive. W-DMX function is available on M-7 RGBA.   Features 1. RGBA LEDs on board. 2. Wireless DMX 3. New structure design for multiple angle rigging 4. Auto sense frequency 5. Fluid tank compartment for ease of transportation 6. Huge output volume with high pigments LED colors 7. Great fit for Stage purpose Specification - Voltage : U.S. version : 120 Volt                  Europe version : 230 Volt                  U.K. version : 240 Volt                  Japan version : 100 Volt - Breaker : 120V, 15A 250V 230V, 9A 250V - Power Consumption : 1,550 W - Initial Heat-Up Time : 5 mins - Coverage Volume : Height 5 Meters, Width 1 Meter - Max Operating Time : 8 seconds burst - Fluid Consumption Rate : 150 ml / Min - Tank Capacity : 2.4 liter - Control Options : On-Board Control Panel         Wireless Remote DMX Master / Slave - Remote Included : W-2 Wireless Transmitter - Weight : 11.5 Kg - Dimensions (mm) : L 345 W 193 H 385.7 - Liquid Used : Antari FLC Water-based Fluid

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    Description Standard fog machine with digital technology DMX serial production 1300W US: (120V/60Hz) Integrated timer Adjustable with digital technology Continuous fogging possible High output Additional information PROCEDURE Vaporizing fog generator POWER REQUIREMENT 1300W FLUID CONSUMPTION At continuous fog 35ml/min, At Max Output 120ml/min CONTROL 0-10V analog, DMX-512, Standalone, Timer FLUID TANK CAPACITY 5 liters TEMPERATURE CONTROL   OVERHEATING PROTECTION Heating block with Thermostat, Pump with temperature switch DIMENSIONS (OPEN) (L X B X H) 53 x 23 x 24cm WEIGHT 12kg

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    The base•hazer•pro remains the only 19" rack mount hazer on the market. Each unit ships in its own high quality Amptown flightcase for easy set up and durability. Key Features: The hazer in 19" size DMX serial-production 1200W / 120V / 60 Hz Integrated timer Amptown flightcase Low liquid consumption Flexible fog outlet funnel Only 1 min warm-up time Small dimensions  Technical data: Procedure: Haze machine without compressor Power requirement: 1200 Watt Voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz Warm up time: approx. 60 Seconds Fluid tank capacity: 5 liters Integrated Fan: variable speed Haze density: > 6000 l/min Control: DMX 512 or 0 - 10 V analogue cable remote (option) Dimensions: (L x W x H): 59,4 x 54 x 18,5 closed flightcase 41,4 x 54 x 18,5 open flightcase

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    Description Powerful Output Fog DMX serial production 2600W / 230V/50Hz Extremly high output Integrated timer Continuous fogging possible Adjustable with digital technology Additional information PROCEDURE Vaporizing fog generator POWER REQUIREMENT 2600W VOLTAGE 120V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz FLUID CONSUMPTION At continuous fog 120ml/min, At Max Output 240ml/min FLUID TANK CAPACITY 5 liters CONTROL 0-10V analog, DMX-512, Standalone, Timer WARM UP TIME 7 minutes TEMPERATURE CONTROL   OVERHEATING PROTECTION Heating block with Thermostat, Pump with temperature switch DIMENSIONS (OPEN) (L X B X H) 53 x 23 x 24cm WEIGHT 20kg

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    Impulse™ 648 harnesses the power of 648 white SMD LEDs to deliver an astonishingly bright strobe light. A lightweight, sleek housing holds the LED array while 3 and 5-pin DMX connections make set up and installation a breeze. Silent, fan-free operation allows for use in noise-sensitive environments. Innovative all-on feature allows the Impulse™ 648 to be used as a flood light. • Professional and rugged LED strobe light designed for the mobile entertainer, permanent installation or lighting professional • Road-ready SMD LEDs offer a great blend of intensity and toughness    • Built-in 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connectors allow greater flexibility for different applications  • Radiant cooling design allows for use in the most sound-sensitive environments  • Locking IEC power input ensures the power cord never comes out (US/UK version only) • User-adjustable intensity and strobe rates in stand-alone eliminate the need for an external controller • DMX channels: 2 • DMX connectors: 3-pin & 5-pin  • Light source: 648 white (60 mA) SMD LEDs 50,000 hrs • Color Temperature: 6500 - 7000 K • Strobe rate: 0 - 30 Hz • Beam angle: 66° • Field angle: 105° • Viewing angle: 120° • Illuminance: 909 lux @ 2 m • Power linking: 5 units @ 120 V / 10 units @ 230 V • Input voltage: Auto-ranging 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz • Power and current: 237 W, 1.9 A @ 120 V 60 Hz • Power and current: 235 W, 1 A @ 230 V 50 Hz • Weight: 10.6 lbs (4.8 kg) • Size: 16.7 x 8.8 x 6.5 in (424 x 224 x 164 mm) • Approvals: CE

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    The Profusion machine uses compressed air and an advance filtration system to emit an even, long-lasting, odorless haze. A cycle-timer, fan, and good ventilation are suggested to prevent residue if use is continuous. Accessories: Universal DMX Relay, wireless remote control, black or silver road cases. A 20 point check, which includes a cleaning is also offered on older machines. Operating Instructions Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 14" (31cm x 20cm x 36cm) Weight: 35 lbs. (16kg) Voltage: 120vac 5a, 60hz or 230vac, 7a Wait time: instant haze build-up time 20 min. Volume: one speed, on Switch: on/off illuminated Fluid capacity: 1-1/2 quarts (1.4 liters) Duration: 32 hrs. on one full tank Fluid: odorless High Performance fluid oil (prev. Diffusion Fluid)

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    The S.P. model is three times quieter than the regular Little Blizzard (so quiet you can whisper next to the machine). Now our most popular model, the Little Blizzard S.P. DMX is all digital. Use with new "Super Dry" Little Blizzard Fluid and Hurricane II fan for best snow effect without residue. Includes remote/volume/on/off, DMX, hanging bracket, silent operation and more. Specifications: Dimensions: 20" x 10" x 12" (51 cm x 25 cm x 30 cm) Weight: 30 lb (14 kg) Shipping Weight: 35 lb (16 kg) Shipping Box Size: 25" x 15" x 16" (64 cm x 38 cm x 41 cm) Snowflake control options: Pump Volume Control, Two-speed Fan and Flake Size Adjuster lever Remote Control: On/off and volume control 0-100% Remote Control cable: 25 ft (7.6 m) Sound: Little BlizzardTM: 71 - 75 db; Little BlizzardTM SP: 60 - 65 db Fluid: CITC Little Blizzard FluidTM available in Long-Lasting, Dry, Extra-Dry, Dry 100 & Ultraviolet Run Time: Continuously Electrical Supply: 120 VAC/60Hz - 10 A; 230 VAC/50Hz - 5 A Fuse: 120VAC - 10A/250 V 5x20 mm; 230VAC - 5A/250V 5x20 mm CE approved: CE approved part

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    Whenever moving lights are installed outdoors – either permanently for architectural applications or during temporary events and festivals – protecting such sensitive equipment against the elements becomes essential. The Igloo was created by Clay Paky for exactly this purpose – a tough, sturdy enclosure that offers complete protection against rain and humidity, and maintains a perfect working temperature (between 0°C and 35°C) for fixtures even in hot or sub-zero conditions.  The Igloo is great for permanent installations and is an indispensable tool for rental companies who want to protect their stock of lighting during outdoor events and festivals. Above all, the Igloo is quick to install, simple to use and competitively priced.   The Igloo dome is injection molded from UV-resistant transparent polycarbonate, and is carefully designed to ensure flawless projections without loss of light or image distortion. The Igloo has been designed to accommodate any model of moving light from Clay Paky’s own Alpha 700, Alpha 300 or Sharpy series – as well as automated fixtures of similar size, weight and consumption from other brands. For DMX512 fixture control, two options are available: either by using the IGLOO version with onboard wireless receiver (useful for remote locations) or by using the DMX wired version, with IN/OUT cables and waterproof glands, integrated into the base of the dome. Power is supplied via two cables with cable glands: one for the dome internal devices, the other for the luminaire. The Igloo is equipped with four carrying handles and offers the option of a flight case for safe transport. Installation follows a quick, plug-and-play procedure requiring no tools or special skills. A mechanical multi-positional fixing system allows a variety of compatible luminaires to be fixed. Once sealed, internal electrical connection is done via the supplied Powercon socket, and an integrated XLR socket allows connection to the fixture's DMX interface. The temperature inside the dome is regulated by an automatic cooling and heating system that maintains a constant operational temperature between 0°C and 35°C (32° F – 95° F). The base is extremely shallow allowing the beam to point in any direction without being blocked or masked – even at maximum downward tilt. The Igloo is entirely weatherproof, with each component offering IP54 protection. The locking system connecting the base to the dome is equipped with a watertight seal and fasteners; power and data cable glands are certified for outdoor use. And, a flexible mounting system allows the Igloo to be oriented in any position without compromising its high IP rating – either placed on the ground, hung upside-down or fixed to upright structures in a horizontal position.

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    Stormy innovates tradition since it uses the latest LED technology, but retains all the charm of a classic strobe. The light source is a strip of powerful white LEDs, which perfectly emulate a bright Xenon linear lamp. The flash effect is actually enhanced since the Stormy is equipped with a parabolic reflector, like a classic strobe, and does not project the light directly forwards like other LED strobes do. The frequency, duration and intensity of the pulse are fully digitally controlled, and these parameters are even independently adjustable, which is impossible with a xenon lamp strobe. Thanks to its highly sophisticated electronics, the light turns on and off instantly, creating the jerky movement illusion. The time the light is on (the pulse duration) may be extended as required. Thanks to the use of LEDs, the light intensity remains absolutely constant, without flickering effect. The Stormy also comes with RGBW LEDs, which are able to flash in any color: there is no more need for gels, which dramatically reduce the amount of light, or slow noisy unreliable scrollers.     144 x 7W Oslon Osram LEDs (5,700 K, 50,000 h) LED Power: pulsed mode 980W max, continuous mode 720W max Perfect emulation of a bright Xenon strobe linear lamp 42° beam aperture; 130° spatial diffusion Beam opening control by optional barndoors Total brightness: - 80,000 lm (Stormy); - 40,000 lm (Stormy CC) DMX 512 control channels: 3 (Stormy), 7 (Stormy CC) RGBW system (only Stormy CC) 0-100% adjustable dimmer Strobe pulse duration Strobe pulse rate Bracket adjustable on 360°     POWER SUPPLIES AC power input Neutrik PowerCon TRUE1 (IP65) 100-240V 50-60Hz INPUT POWER 850 VA LAMP SOURCE 144 x 7W Oslon Osram LEDs LED Power: pulsed mode 980W max, continuous mode 720W max. Color Temperature: 5700 K Average Life of the LEDs: 50,000 h OPTICS High efficiency parabolic reflector Perfect emulation of a bright Xenon linear lamp 42° beam aperture; 130° spatial diffusion Beam opening control by optional barndoors Total brightness: - 80,000 lm (Stormy) - 40,000 lm (Stormy CC)     COLOR SYSTEM RGBW system for Stormy CC EFFECTS SECTION 0-100% adjustable dimmer Strobe pulse duration Strobe pulse rate CONTROL AND PROGRAMMING DMX 512 control channels: • 3 (Stormy) • 7 (Stormy CC) DMX protocol signal: USITT DMX 512 Pre-set macros Display: Graphic LCD backlit blue-white Display  Dimmer and colors Resolution: 8 bit DMX signal connection: 5 pole XLR input and output Software upload through DMX input Firmware upload from another fixture ON/OFF lamp control from the lighting desk. "AUTOTEST" function from menù Electronic monitoring with status error Cooling system monitoring DMX level monitoring on all channels Internal data transmission diagnostics BODY Body extruded in black anodized aluminium 4 membrane buttons SUPPORT Bracket adjustable on 360° SAFETY DEVICES Forced ventilation with axial fans WORKING POSITION Working in any position CE MARKING Complies with the following European Directives • 2006/95/EC (LVD) • 2004/108/EC (EMC) • 2011/65/EU (RoHS) WEIGHT 7.2 Kg (15.13 Ibs)

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    The FQ-100™ performance fog generator is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the nightclub, theatrical and touring industries. This updated version of the industry standard F-100 fog generator produces any atmosphere – from dense fog to fine mist. The legendary Atmospheres® Fog Generating fluid is specially formulated to provide a dense, safe, water-based fog of a fine particulate size.  In addition to low noise levels ideal for theatrical and studio work, the FQ-100 also includes an internal LCD digital menu system providing the ability to set the volume control, timer control, and DMX functions as desired.  The FQ-100 performance fog generator continues the tradition and benchmark set by the original F-100. Features Large 9.5 liter ( 2.5 gallon) removable fluid reservoir for extended use Atmospheres® scientifically formulated fluid provides optimum particulate size for lighting applications LCD Menu Timer with interval, duration, and volume; set DMX; continuous fogging, Manual ON/OFF 3-pin and 5-pin XLR DMX in/out connectors Fluid level sight gauge User replaceable fluid filter Output 20,000 cu.ft (566m3) per minute maximum output 10 min / 1 liter  fluid consumption rate 11 minutes warm-up time optoelectronic liquid sensor with auto shutoff Construction Low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant vaporizing chamber Dual carrying handles Safety cable mounting point Options 100-120 VAC 50/60 Hz or 200-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Fluid Types HQ Stage

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    The AF-1 features DMX as standard and can be installed from the ceiling, in the truss, or can be floor standing. FEATURES 1600 cubic m/hr Analogue link sockets Converts smoke to haze, Wind effects Fan speed 0 – 2500 rpm Floor standing or truss mounting Keeps equipment cool: Amp racks, Dimmer racks Low voltage multifunctional Remote control Projects smoke down long lengths of ducting Sealed fan motor Single channel DMX operatio

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    Rainroof XL Robust and clear. The Rain Roof XL has been developed for the major moving heads . Size diameter of the roof: 60cm / 23.6inch  For lower hanging fixtures there is a Large Plus cover available Suitable for or equal to: VL 3000 / 3500 spot / wash Robe MMX Clay Paky 1200 / 1500 Mythos Mac Viper