Moving Mirror

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    With enhanced optics and twice the light output of its standard-setting predecessor, the Cyberlight Turbo has earned its reputation as an industry workhorse. The Cyberlight Turbo delivers the same quality, reliability and favorite features of the Cyberlight, but with enhanced optics and more power.   Features Significantly higher photonic output (>50%) than typical 1200W-based fixtures MSR lamp technology improves output-to-age ratio with exceptional color stability throughout life Motorized variable frost Field angle up to 36° Variable zoom (selectable: 13°-22° or 16°-26°) Motorized variable iris Selectable diffusion Full optical dimming and fade to black Mirror head pan and tilt: 170° by 110° Infinitely variable dichroic subtractive color mixing system Eight-position indexed color wheel with a versatile selection of richly saturated dichroic colors, plus white Upward, downward and centered color correction Eight-indexed gobo system has three fixed and four replaceable metal gobos Four bi-directional, variable speed rotating gobos Standard and optional LithoPatterns® high-resolution glass gobos offer customizable, near photo-quality image projection Variable strobe Optional narrow-angle lens Operation LWR and DMX-512 control protocol Remote lamp enable Remote cooling system shutdown 200V - 240V Construction High-resolution microstepping motor control for smooth motion at all speeds Computer-designed optical components for maximum light efficiency Full cutaway access to optical system for service and cleaning Mirror-head pan axis may be manually adjusted ± 22.5° Interlocked rear lamp replacement system for easy access External lamp position adjustment controls Performance-oriented exterior design prevents stray light scatter Low-noise, high-efficiency cooling system Power factor correction Recessed power switch with circuit breaker Break-resistant mirror