High End Studio Command 700

  • Rental Rates

  • 1 Week $193.00
  • 2 Weeks $346.00
  • 4 Weeks $655.00
  • Studio Command, introduced in 2005, offers lighting professionals a “command performance” in the most demanding events, be it in the theatrical, corporate, concert touring, house of worship markets or any other show or installation requiring a powerful wash fixture.

    Studio Command's patented lenticular array optical system enhances the homogeneity of the projected light. The optical head is compact and light in weight, while still offering a large diameter exiting beam.

    The proven long-life MSR 700 lamp emitting 56,000 lumens (at 5600K) is shipped as a standard complement providing deep and powerful reds. Alternatively the MSR 700/2 lamp emitting 55,000 lumens (at 7200K) can also be fitted in the field.

    Studio Command H, with its Tungsten source, provides a 3200 K color temperature option and works with standard theatre dimming racks. A 1000 watt halogen lamp is offered in four different lamp voltages.

    In all models, the CMY dichroic color-mixing system provides rapid and quiet color changes, and the mechanical douser provides a smooth fade to black.

    The 8.25-inch output beam is full and vibrant and takes on a searchlight effect look, as the output lens is positioned relatively close to both the pan and tilt axes.

    The moving yoke fixture, controlled by DMX, features an adjustable field angle from 18 to 32 degrees. It also offers a variable mechanical and Electronic Strobe™, with extra punch provided by the Light Burst™ effect.

    All Studio Command fixtures provide an option for stand-alone programming and support TalkBack™ technology that allows any DMX console supporting TalkBack protocol to remotely access the Studio Command onboard menu system.

    Studio Command boasts a new industrial design that sets it apart from other products in its class, making it a unique addition to any lighting rig.

    Features for all models of Studio Command

    • Patented CMY dichroic color mixing system
    • Large output beam in a compact head design
    • Rapid color snap changes
    • Adjustable beam angle from 18 to 32 degrees
    • Temperature sensing variable speed cooling system for quiet operation
    • 3 phase motors driving the pan and tilt mechanism provide smooth and fast operation


    Studio Command 700 Model Only

    • Smooth full field dimming without changing color temperature or beam shape
    • Electronic strobe in addition to a variable conventional strobe to 10Hz
    • Full optical dimming and fade-to-black
    • Light burst lamp boosting and lightning effects


    • Control options: DMX 512; Time Code Synch; Front Panel; Internal Effects
    • Fixture Talkback for remote fixture control
    • On-board programming control and playback
    • Pan: 540 degrees
    • Tilt: 240 degrees
    • Field angle: 18-32 degrees
    • Beam angle: 8-13 degrees
    • Fixture output: 11,000 lumens for Studio Command 700; 5,500 lumens for Studio Command H
    • Compliances: ETL, CE
    • DMX channels: 14 on a DMX link for Studio Command 700; 13 for Studio Command H plus 1 channel dedicated to the dimmer
    • Internal preset scene memory: 32

    Electrical Specifications of Studio Command 700 models

    Power consumption:
    100V 50HZ @ 10.0 AMP 230V 50 HZ @ 4.3 AMP
    100V 60HZ @ 10.0 AMP 230V 60HZ @ 4.3 AMP
    Fixture rated power: 1000 watts max

    Electrical Specifications of Studio Command H

    Power consumption:

    100V @12 AMP

    115V @ 10.4 AMP

    230V @ 5.2 AMP

    240V @ 5.0 AMP

    Fixture rated power: 1200 watts max

    Lamp Information

      Primary Lamp

    Alternate Lamp



      Philips MSR700 Philips MSR700/2 Philips 7002 Y
    Luminous flux 56000 lumens 55000 lumens 29000 lumens
    Arc length 8 mm 8 mm n/a
    Color temperature 5600K 7200K 3200K
    Lamp life, 50% 1000 hours 1000 hours 250 hours
    CRI 95 80 100

    Dimensions/Weight Studio Command 700

    mm: 353 x 544 x 526
    inches: 13.9 x 21.4 x 20.71
    weight: 55 lbs/24.9 kg

    Dimensions/ Weight Studio Command H

    mm: 353 x 544 x 526

    inches: 13.9 x 21.4 x 20.71

    weight: 48 lbs/21.7 kg