High End Axon V2

  • Rental Rates

  • 1 Week $1000.00
  • 2 Weeks $1900.00
  • 4 Weeks $3400.00
  • The Axon Media Server, powered by the award-winning DL.2 graphics engine, provides you with all the cutting edge functions of the DL.2—including Collage Generator™ and Curved Surface Support—with the flexibility of choosing your own output device. Axon can feed video to DL.1s, LED panels or large format projectors.

    It’s the flexible solution for those who already have their own video display device, and want a world of unlimited image possibilities.

    Axon ships with more than 1,000 stock media clips and has 200 folders for custom media clips.

    Stock Content is locked down using the XP Embedded Operating System. That means all stock content is protected and consistent among all units. The XP Embedded O/S also protects Axon from drive corruption and O/S degradation over time. With the on-board content management software, you are able to move and manage the local media as well as any Axon or DL.2 on the local area network.

    Axon and DL.2 use the same graphics engine DMX protocol (a HUGE bonus when programming)—they operate the same way from a DMX console or via Art-Net.

    Collage™ software feature: Collage Generator™

    This patent-pending feature allows multiple media servers to create seamless vertical, horizontal or central panoramic media projections controlled from a lighting console. Collage™ software also provides a method for increasing effective screen luminance.

    Use Axon at the Front of House area to preview content and programming for your show. Use it to pre-program DL.2 fixtures as the Axon protocol completely matches DL.2’s DMX protocol. Connect another live video source (camera, DVD player) to Axon using S-Video input. So many ways to deliver!


    • Content Management and Configuration software can remotely manage multiple Axon and DL.2 fixtures
    • Supports importing of custom content including: 3D objects, media files, still images
    • DMX512 and Art-Net support
    • Royalty-free stock digital art collection featuring over 1000 lighting-optimized files.
    • S-Video connection accepts a wide range of media device inputs
    • Programming compatible with DL2 fixture
    • Software based on Windows® XP Embedded and DirectX® technology

    Graphics Engine

    • Simultaneous playback of three discrete media streams on separate 2D/3D objects. 30 Object parameters for graphic control of each individual media stream including:
      • A choice of multiple play modes and play speeds
      • The ability to define any segment of a video loop including Scrub capability
      • Multiple color mixing and visual effects that can be combined any way you choose
      • Chromakey effects to layer any content by keying on any colormix to make transparent
      • Variable Opacity to allow for crossfading or dissolves between media streams
      • Full control of image Rotation, Positioning and Scaling on X, Y and Z axes
      • Visual Modes let you control brightness and contrast to optimize content
      • Video input or camera capture you can apply to 2D/3D objects
    • 35 Global parameters provide graphic controls to the composite image created by up to 3 media streams
      • Overall image Color Mixing applied to composite media stream image
      • Color Effects including edge colors allow for combined image color mixing
      • Multiple Mask selections with edge fading and strobe effects
      • Edge fading for creating montages
      • Keystone correction on output projection
      • Viewpoint controls change viewing angle/perspective on images
    • Multiple modes for synchronizing all networked Axons and/or DL.2 fixtures
    • Wave generator
    • In and out frame selection
    • RGB to BRG to GBR color swap effect
    • Magnifying effect

    Content Management Application

    • Runs locally and also can run remotely over network
    • Software now runs on Mac and PC
    • Communicates with DL.2 fixtures over an Ethernet network
    • Uploads and downloads custom digital content
    • Configures fixtures with remote control of all menu commands
    • Updates software including content, applications and operating system

    Collage Generator

    This new software feature for Axon and DL.2 has been improved to offer a bigger picture with sharper images and a resolution greater than a High Definition resolution; High End has substantially increased available resolution by 4x from the previous version. Collage Generator now supports any configuration up to 8x8 arrays. Make a horizontal, vertical or central panoramic projection and increase effective screen luminance. Most panoramas can be configured in under 25 minutes.

    Curved Surface Support

    • Corrects for shape distortions when projecting onto surfaces that are not flat.
      • Project Axon onto convex or concave cylinders, angular screens, spheres and disk-shaped surfaces.
      • Control the amount of correction needed, as well as control the vertical and horizontal center points of the image.

    Axon Effects

    • Faux LED: Divides image into a grid of circles to mimic an LED wall
    • Faux Tile: Divides image into square tiles
    • Drop Shadow: Creates a scalable drop shadow behind the graphic object
    • Chroma Shift: Shifts the red, blue and green component colors
    • Zoom Blur: Zooms into a position on the image with a multi-image blurring effect
    • Pixelation:Divides image into rectangles using center pixel color of each “box” as its color
    • Fuzzifier: Creates multi-image blurring effect
    • Image Scale And Rotate: Scales and rotates the media file texture applied to a 3-D object
    • Pan and Scan: Zooms in and pans across a still image
    • Film Roll: Scrolls the media file texture horizontally or vertically
    • Shake n’ Bake: Introduces a random vibration effect
    • Texture Rotation: Rotates texture independently on top of object


    • 3U standard rack mount
    • Powered by a 3.2GHZ Pentium 4 HT processor with an ATI X1900XTX Graphics Processor
    • Gigabit Ethernet for fast content uploading and multiple fixture synchronization


    18.3" x 3.5" x 20.8"
    (65 mm x 89 mm x 528 mm)
    Weight: 33 lbs. (15 kg)

    International and U.S. Patents approved and pending.
    Specifications subject to change without notice.

    Certain specifications may be the result of future software releases. For a complete list of the issued patents and patents pending contact High End Systems.

    One year product warranty and technical support