(24) circuits of either 120 VAC or 208 VAC make an ideal distribution for entertainment lighting.


  • Input: (5) 16 Series Cam-type panel mount Male devices, RGN
  • Thru: (5) 16 Series Cam-type panel mount Female devices with protective covers, RGN
  • Main Breaker: 200 Amp
  • Output: (4) 6-circuit, 120V LSC19 receptacles and (4) 6-circuit, 208V LSC19 receptacles (parallel)
  • (3) NEMA L21-30, 30 Amp locking receptacles
  • (6) 20 Amp, 120V NEMA 5-20 duplex receptacles
  • Overcurrent Protection: (24) 20 Amp, 2 Pole branch rated circuit breakers
  • (3) 30 Amp, 3 Pole branch rated circuit breakers
  • (6) 20 Amp, Single Pole branch rated circuit breakers
  • Dimensions: 26" L x 24 "W x 30' H

Features & Benefits

  • Extruded aluminum frames combined with high density polyethlene (HDPE) enclosure panels create lightweight yet remarkbly strong and extremely durable rack enclosures
  • Front and back rack doors have "snap-in" latches for ease of access
  • All rack hardware is recessed on HDPE panels to protect from breakage and there are no exposed latches when doors are removed
  • All 19" rack panels are laser engraved for clear and concise identification
  • 100% rated, electronic main and magnetic branch circuit breakers eliminates worry of thermal tripping
  • LED power indicators, including discrete six (6) circuit arrays for multipin receptacles, provide clear live circuit identification