Join the digital lighting revolution and leave behind the conventional props and fixed image patterns. The journey starts with the award winning Catalyst Pro v4 Media Server, featuring the world’s fastest PC processing capabilities, and Catalyst Pro v4 software. Let your imagination lead you — create new worlds of virtual scenery with up to 10 layers of digital media and enjoy the flexibility of real-time rendered visual effects. Control LED panels and curtains with PixelMad. Operate the Catalyst v4 Media with a MIDI keyboard or control device or standalone using the on-board cue list. Get twice the impact with two independent signals to two outputs. It’s like having two media servers in one.


  • Road-cased unit containing Apple® Mac Pro, a 17" LCD monitor and Catalyst Interface Box
  • Preloaded Catalyst Pro v4 software
  • Hundreds of media files, including libraries from Artbeats, Feedback Video and A Luna Blue
  • Two independent video signals that can be configured as one output with preview or two outputs to separate devices
  • 10 layers of digital media with full effects capabilities on each layer
  • Cross-fading between all 10 layers
  • Real-time effects rendering
  • Rotation of images on x, y, and z axes
  • MIDI playback via MIDI keyboard or Mackie MCU
  • Standalone programming and operation
  • DMX LED control via PixelMAD
  • Intuitive pixel mapping with sub-mixes
  • More than 50 real-time color effects
  • More than 30 real-time geometric effects
  • Ability to import 3-D images (.obj)
  • Keystone correction on vertical and horizontal planes
  • Serial control of playback devices and video switchers
  • Aspect ratio adjustments
  • Color mixing
  • Frame-accurate playback between multiple media servers
  • Audio trigger for Spectrograph (wave form generator)
  • 100v – 240v 50/60hz
  • DMX, Serial and Midi input (optional equipment required)
  • RS422 (Sony 9 pin protocol) and RS422 serial control capabilities
  • Graphical user interface
  • New, simple and intuitive graphic user interface (GUI)
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