World-class dimming performance, industrial-strength construction and an array of connection options make Sensor+ Portable Packs the professional choice for smaller touring shows, industrial rentals, compact video production, and rehearsal spaces.

Sensor+ Portable Packs deliver built-in dimming features many installation racks would envy: modular design and magnetic circuit breakers. Add to that optional Advanced Features communication and remote monitoring options.

Choose the control protocol you need, DMX or ETCNet2/ACN. Attach your load outputs to any industry-standard connector type. And quit worrying about the pounding that mobile productions dish out – Sensor+ Portable Packs are built to take it.  


  • Available in 6 and 12 dimmer module configurations
  • Accepts multiple input protocols
  • Cam-Lok input connectors
  • Pass through connectors available for SP6+ and SP12+
  • Multi-pin output configurations include Veam® VSC, Pyle National® and Socapex®
  • Optional castered cart available
  • CEM+ Control Electronics Module
  • Supports Advanced Features option
  • Supports Dimmer Doubling™

    Ratings and Approvals

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