iPlayer 3 controller is a compact yet powerful show storage and playback device capable of delivering light shows to installations with up to 340 unique light addresses. Packaged with ColorPlay 3 light show authoring software, iPlayer 3 is designed to add new levels of sophistication and flexibility to your lighting installations while eliminating the need for expensive lighting boards and technical programming expertise.

  • With factory preset shows, custom show-authoring capabilities, an intuitive LCD interface, removable SD card storage, and onboard light addressing features, iPlayer 3 enables you to spend more time on the creative aspects of lighting design and less time on setup.
  • ColorPlay 3 gives you the flexibility to create and manage light shows using fully customizable effects, multi-track editing, timeline layering, and transition styles.
  • Controller Keypad is a wall-mounted user interface providing instant pushbutton playback of up to eight light shows.
  • AuxBox automatically triggers up to eight iPlayer 3 light shows using any remote triggering device with a dry-contact closure.
  • Via the AuxBox, you can trigger light shows by motion sensors, 3rd party control or sensor systems, and more.
  • iPlayer 3 has two DMX output ports, each controlling a universe of 512 DMX channels.
  • Set alarms to automatically trigger show playback based on a specific date, day of the week, weekdays, weekends, or an astronomical event, such as sunrise or sunset.

– See more at: http://www.colorkinetics.com/ls/controllers/iplayer3/#sthash.P6bdRkHr.dpuf