Color Kinetics and City Theatrical have teamed up to develop a full line of accessories for popular Color Kinetics professional lighting products, including accessories for ColorBlaze™ 72, ColorBlaze 48, ColorBlast® 12, ColorBlast 6, ColorBurst®  6, and ColorBurst 4, and ColorCast™ 14.  These accessories augment the capabilities of the lighting fixtures and give the designer and consultant additional choices as to how the light from the fixture is controlled or dispersed.   Paint choices include black, white, and bonded aluminum, with custom paint choices available.

City Theatrical’s PDS-750 TR™ is a touring-style power/data supply for Color Kinetics® ColorBlast®, ColorBurst®, and iColor® Cove intelligent solid-state lighting fixtures. The compact, rugged device allows easy connection and disconnection of up to 12 ColorBlast 12 fixtures, 24 ColorBlast 6 fixtures, 24 ColorBurst 6 fixtures, 48 ColorBurst 4 fixtures, and 96 iColor Cove fixtures by means of industry-standard 4 pin XLR connectors.

The PDS-750 TR includes a "mini-Zapi"™ function, which enables users to address all fixtures plugged into the power/data supply to channel one, thereby allowing a starting DMX channel to be set via standard BCD switches. Built-in dimming routines allow user selectable fades to be accomplished without the need for a lighting console, making PDS-750 TR perfect for events and other temporary installations. A pass through mode allows iColor Cove fixtures to be operated. Rack mount, pipe mount, and custom output configurations are available.

PDS-750 TR is designed and manufactured by City Theatrical with technology under license from Color Kinetics.