Main Light, LLC’s LightScape® Fiber Optic Drapery


 LightScape® Fiber Optic Drapery, from Main Light, LLC, is an industry-leading star drop solution, filled with bright pinpoints of light that can emulate stars in the night sky. Main Light’s patented LightScape® is a fiber optic drapery offering creative versatility to a range of applications including Houses of Worship, theater productions, theme parks, corporate and special events, trade shows, television production as well as being rugged enough to stand up well for touring applications. 

Appearing as a standard theatrical drape until illuminated, LightScape® then reveals a beautiful effect of simulated stars that can change colors, twinkle, and dim. “The star drop has an organic feel, one which cannot be digitally replicated,” explains Giovanni Ciranni, National Sales Manager with Main Light. “For star drop applications, there is an ‘inconsistency’ with LightScape® drapes with its fiber optic points to give it a realistic night sky feeling. LightScape® drapery significantly enhances the background to any set piece with minimal cost.”

LightScape® Rental Packages

LightScape® packages are available for rental in a range of flexible sizes. In addition to the LightScape® drapery panel, the LightScape® rental
packages include the Fiber Optic Illuminator Fixtures, a Controller, and Control Cables. All LightScape® drapery may be hung on any—or all—of its four sides as the edges are all finished with webbing and grommets for tie line to mount the drape—in any orientation—for the production.

 LightScape® fiber optic drapes are safe as they have no heat, and no electrical wiring inside the drape panel, only containing the fiber optic cables. The standard 22 oz. Encore synthetic velour fabric used for the LightScape® drapery is inherently flame retardant (IFR) for the life of
the material. Durable and wrinkle resistant, this drapery is perfect for all production applications. LightScape® fiber optic drapes are maintenance free with no lamps to break or burn out. The drapery folds easily and travels safely.

LightScape® Specifications

The fiber optic tip size is 0.75mm, with 900 maximum points per circuit. In terms of pattern density of fiber optic points, you can choose from one circuit with 36 fiber optic points per 16 sq. ft. or two circuit with 50 fiber optic points per 16 sq. ft. The LightScape® drapery weighs approximately three pounds per sq. ft.

“In addition to the standard LightScape® star drop drapery, LightScape® custom fabrication is available from Main Light,” says Ciranni. “Custom projects allow for the choice of size, shape, and color to create custom logos, graphics, and patterns using pinpoints of light.”

 Main Light is an innovator and forerunner for fiber optic use in the entertainment industry. LightScape® is a brilliant and versatile drapery,
filled with bright pinpoints of light. In terms of control there are endless effects available—including audio activated and programmed. You can
create intense, fast, or subtle color changes and shifts. LightScape® fiber optic drapery has been utilized in every application including churches, Broadway, concerts, schools, television, and regional theater. All Main Light LightScape® fiber optic draperies are made in the USA, in Wilmington, DE. Each LightScape® fiber optic drape is custom manufactured with quality materials to fit your specifications and is delivered ready to hang. U.S. Patent Number: 5066085.

Available for Rent Across the Country

LightScape® fiber optic drapery packages are available to rent at all three Main Light locations—the original shop in Wilmington, DE, and the two newer facilities in Las Vegas, NV and Nashville, TN. The Las Vegas and Nashville operations fill the longstanding requests that Main Light have a stock of their popular LightScape® fiber optic drapes housed on the West Coast and in the Southeast. “There has always been a large demand for our fiber optic drapes in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville and throughout the Southeast” Randy Mullican, CEO of Main Light, LLC points out. “Having additional locations in Las Vegas and Nashville means we will be able to cut the shipping costs significantly and much more effectively meet those product demands.”

The leader in dry hire rentals, Main Light has been supporting industry for over 40 years. They provide rentals to other rental and production
houses that need to supplement their equipment for projects. All of the Main Light inventory is well-maintained and passes meticulous quality
control testing and a cleaning program after every rental and before it leaves the shop. Being a dry hire provider, Main Light wants their equipment to blend in with the client’s existing equipment, so all Main Light road cases are intentionally left unbranded. Each case also comes with Main Lights’ own exclusive labeling system identifying exact contents and inspection dates as well as a sticker with the renting company’s logo and the order number.

In all Main Light locations, clients will find an equipment inventory reflective of the latest entertainment technology available. Main Light
constantly rebalances its inventory by selling off older equipment and increasing its inventory of new, state-of-the-art technology, staying in
front of their client’s needs. “We are here for our clients,” notes Mullican. “Production and rental companies need support as sometimes they don’t want to make new equipment investments themselves; we are ready to provide that backup to them. We are proud to be a trusted dry hire resource.” Main Light’s renowned, well-maintained used equipment is also always in high demand when offered for sale. “Our used equipment is a way to get well-maintained production equipment at a cost-effective price,” says Ciranni. “Be sure to look at our used gear listings on the website and our sales specials email blasts.”

Among the recent gear acquisitions by Main Light are Ayrton’s Khamsin-S luminaires; CHAUVET Professional’s STRIKE M Strobe/Wash
Lights and COLORado PXL Bar 16s; Eclipse FS full color LED ellipsoidals from Prolights; Elation Professional’s IP65 rated Proteus Maximus™ LED luminaires; MA Lighting’s grandMA3 full-size and light consoles; Martin MAC Aura PXL, Robe BMFL Followspot LT fixtures and motion cameras for RoboSpot remote followspot systems; and Tyler Truss System’s Tyler GT Plus trussing, to name just a few.

Main Light’s well-deserved impeccable reputation of 40+ years’ service assures that every client will always get outstanding, responsive customer service and reliable, high-quality equipment. With an eye toward fully supporting their clients, Main Light created a company-wide 800 number, (800)-397-MAIN (6246). Well-known for their commitment to the highest levels of customer service, the company’s 800 number is answered live from 8:00 a.m. ET to 5:00 p.m. PT,

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