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LightScape Fiber Optics

Main Light’s patented LightScape® Fiber Optic drapery is the industry-leading star drop solution filled with bright pinpoints of light and offering creative versatility. Appearing as a standard theatrical drape until illuminated, LightScape then reveals a beautiful effect of simulated stars that can change colors, twinkle and dim. LightScape drapery packages are available for rental in a range of sizes. The standard 22 oz. Encore synthetic velour fabric is inherently flame retardant (IFR) for the life of the material. Durable and wrinkle resistant, this drapery is perfect for all production applications, including touring and outdoor venues.

LightScape custom fabrication is available from Main Light. Custom projects allow for the choice of size, shape, and color to create custom logos, graphics, and patterns with the pinpoints of light.

Packages Include

  • Fiber Optic Fixtures
  • Controller
  • Control Cables
  • Spare Lamps