LightScape Fiber Optic Star Drop

LightScape is a brilliant and versatile star drop, filled with bright pinpoints of light.

Main Light has been replacing its LightScape fiber optic drapery inventory with brand new panels. In addition to the replacement, the drapery material will be changed to 22oz. Encore Synthetic fabric from the current 16oz. cotton Commando cloth. The new fabric will help insure better wear against normal handling and greater reliability with flameproof concerns since this material is inherent and good for the life of the material.

LightScape drapery is offered as standard packages or custom sized for your needs.

All drapery may hang on all 4 sides.

  • Packages include:
    • Fiber Optic Fixtures
    • Controller
    • Control Cables
    • Spare Lamps

Available For Download


A non-PDF brochure is available below.

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