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Main Light Adds More Elation Gear to Rental Inventory in Form of Fuze MAX Spot

One of the largest dry-hire rental houses in the United States, Main Light, has added Elation Professional’s new Fuze MAX Spot™ LED moving head to its growing inventory of high-quality lighting products. The full-color-spectrum automated LED Spot fixture is currently in stock and available to rent across all Main Light locations. Here’s a video from Main Light demonstrating the Fuze MAX Spot luminaire:


Main Light, LLC Adds additional Hog 4 Consoles to Rental Inventory

Leading dry hire rental company Main Light, LLC recently took stock of new ETC Full Boar 4 consoles to add to their Hog 4 production rental inventory. The company also invested in Road Hog 4 desks. Hog 4 consoles have earned loyalty from programmers worldwide with their engineering focus built around “the way you work”. They have pioneered the world of large-scale automated lighting control with even advanced tools, such as pixel-mapping and plot layout, being optimized for programming speed.

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A Conversation with Michael Cannon on the 1st Anniversary of Acquiring Main Light, LLC

I can tell you that Main Light will not be going into productions and we’re not going to be doing installations. This is not going to be 4Wall 2.0. I know there’s a lot of people that believed when I bought Main Light that was my plan, but it wasn’t then and isn’t now. I bought Main Light specifically because it WAS a dry hire company, not in-spite of that fact.

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Main Light, South to Open in Nashville this Spring

In early April 2022, Main Light, LLC, a preeminent dry hire rental partner, will be opening a new facility in Nashville, TN. The new 70,000 sq. ft. Main Light, South shop—under the direction of Main Light General Manager, Randy Mullican—will be located at 12630 Old Hickory Blvd, Antioch, TN. Locally, Main Light, South will be led by Rental Account Manager, Cathie Berbena Lloyd and Operations Manager, Jim Gregory. This will expand Main Light’s operations to a third location, joining Main Light, East in Wilmington, DE and Main Light, West in Las Vegas, NV.